Janet Mefferd-10/31/2014-Hour 3-Janet Mefferd Radio Show

Hour 3- What role should persuasion have in a sermon? Dr. R. Larry Overstreet, adjunct professor at Piedmont International University, stops by to discuss his book, “Persuasive Preaching.”

Janet Mefferd-10/31/2014-Hour 2-Janet Mefferd Radio Show

Hour 2- How do we see Christ in Israel’s journey from slavery to the promised land? Dr. Nicholas Perrin, dean of the Wheaton Graduate School, joins Janet to discuss his book, “Finding Jesus in the Exodus.” Plus: Dr. Bill Apelian of Bob Jones University joins Janet as they discuss the importance of reading to a Christians spiritual growth.

Janet Mefferd-10/31/2014-Hour 1-Janet Mefferd Radio Show

Hour 1- Is it all right for Christians to celebrate Halloween, or not? Janet talks about that and the power of the occult with Matt Slick, founder or Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.