Janet Mefferd-10/1/2014-Hour 3-Janet Mefferd Radio Show

Hour 3- Ebola has now been diagnosed in a patient in Texas, a second patient is being monitored for the virus, and up to 12 people are feared to have been exposed. Who’s to blame, and will the U.S. government be able to keep America pandemic-free? And with beheadings of Americans overseas and now in Oklahoma, what’s next for jihad in America? Pamela Geller, co-founder of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, joins Janet to talk about it.

Janet Mefferd-10/1/2014-Hour 2-Janet Mefferd Radio Show

Hour 2- How can women fight back against the Left’s narrative about women? Dr. Gina Loudon joins Janet to discuss her book, “What Women Really Want.”

Janet Mefferd-10/1/2014-Hour 1-Janet Mefferd Radio Show

Hour 1- Ally Tower is a former practicing witch who is warning the church about inroads the practice is making even into Christian circles. She talks to Janet about her book, “From the Craft to Christ.”